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[January Tablecloth Special] A collection of Korean cultural and creative brand tablecloths

【1月桌布特輯】韓國文創品牌桌布大集合 - SOUL SIMPLE HK

SOUL SIMPLE HK wishes everyone a Happy New Year! In a blink of an eye, it's 2022 already~ seasons are changing ~ wallpapers also changes with seasons!

We will try our best to help update the limited edition wallpapers of Korea creators~

For whom who likes to use all kinds of cute wallpapers should be Saved!

We have helped select varieties of wallpapers designed by authors of different cultural and creative brands~

Each are worth keeping!!  ~

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Kakao Friends will update the Wallpaper every month~ This month's protagonists are Ryan and Chunzhi who are enjoying the sunset by the sea together~ A cup of instant coffee in hand~ The scenery is so beautiful!

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@second morning

Korea is super hot! I believe everyone is familiar with Second Morning, we have a lot of their products in our store~

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Korea's super famous personality tiger - Muziktiger🐯 This month's Wallpaper is a tiger boy who is stepping on the board! Super Cute~ Qu Dizhong has a Wallpaper for Apple Watch/PC, if you are interested, you can DM the editor to carry it~

(All products on Muzitiger's official website can be purchased on behalf of others, and the store owner will list their products one after another. Welcome to DM to ask the price~)

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A limited edition Wallpaper that is updated from time to time~ The author uploads it every time for a limited time~ It will be dropped in a few days! Super collectible!

Dinotaeng's full range of products are now available online. The portal of the brand's page is here . *Newly launched Dinotaeng 2022 Wall Calendar is available in limited quantities!

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Super cute Quokka baby ~ there is an exclusive Wallpaper every month!

This month is here to wish you all a happy Year of the Tiger, incarnating as a baby Quokka as a tiger boy~

YoungForest's full range of products has been launched on this website, and the portal of the brand's page is here.

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. . . More Wallpaper collections are coming, remember to Follow our IG to keep an eye on the latest information. . .

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